Giuliano  Fiorenzoli begins his career as an Architect, Designer in Florence, Italy  in 1967  demonstrating  full  commitment  to the profession and  the  promotion of  Architecture and  Design as  creative  experimental  art forms .
He was the co-founder  of the Atelier’ ZZIGGURRAT’. As an active member of such  Atelier he did  produce , parallel to the work of  Archizoom, Superstudio , 999 , a  body  of  ideas and  visionary work  that  in the Italian  architectural culture of the time  is referred to  as ‘ Radical Architecture ‘.

During that period  he was directly involved  in most of the cultural events  that transformed  the concept  and production of the so called ‘ Italian Design’ participating to competitions , conferences, exhibitions  of architectural work , articles and publications  in Italy and  England .

In 1970 he was given a scholarship  from  the Massachusetts  Institute of Technology  and began studies at that  institution  in Cambridge Mass.USA. From M.I.T  he obtained  two years  later a Master Degree in Architecture  and Urban  Studies while  being  involved in a variety  of  research  work in  the Institute.

He moved to new York city in 1972  and designed , as  Project Designer in the  architectural  firm of Conklin/Rossant   the Urban Park  of  Myriad  Gardens  in  Oklahoma City  USA. This project  won the  Progressive Architecture Award  of 1973  for the Best Project of the Year . In 1974  he began construction  in collaboration  with  A. Geller / R. Abraham of  the  Rainbow Center Plaza ,an  Urban  Park  in Niagara Falls, N.Y. USA, the winning first price of  the  International  Competition sponsored by U.D.C ( Urban Development  Corporation ).


Giuliano  Fiorenzoli  was invited to participate  to  the National Competition  for the Design of the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, a  large scale project  of vast  cultural  institutional  relevance  to the Canadian  nation.
Representing a pool of private investors he was asked  to work in collaboration  with  architect  Lebbeus Woods  on a proposal  of  ideas for  the Master plan  and  imagery of  the for seen  future  reconstruction  of  the  Amusement  Park of Coney Island   NY.

Since 1976  through his own  office here in N.Y.C Giuliano Fiorenzoli has carried out  a  consistent   body of professional  work. He has been  involved in conceiving   projects  of various  size and scope  both in the States and Europe .Residential  buildings brownstones , town houses  renovations , stores, restaurants , apartments , homes, interiors , parks,  residential and commercial lofts . He  has designed mausoleums , art galleries, exhibition  spaces, and  various  installations  of art work.
In 1995 , Giuliano Fiorenzoli established  an  Atelier in New York City in collaboration with  Architect Ekaterini  Christodoulou .
An extensive  amount of  Design work has been developed  since  here in  New York City  requiring  Design skills and  Professionalism. 

Some of the more theoretical  work  by Giuliano Fiorenzoli , his drawings  have  been  published by major European and American  magazines and  architectural books . He has given  talks, delivered  lectures on his work and participated to  symposiums  throughout the country , in Europe, China  and South America.

He has been teaching  with  no interruptions  since 1972 in  many  College Departments of Architecture such as  M.I.T , Columbia , Pratt Institute, Temple University, NJIT.  His work  has  been published in magazines such as Progressive Architecture,  Landscape Architecture, Architecture , Casabella, Domus New York Times , Arca , Controspazio and   others.