Two family Friends House

Two  Friends  family House  Model  Bridgehampton Long Island  USA  1981

Two friends with their families decide to share the experience and the results of
building their summer homes in Long Island. The two families combine their individual
property and agree in having their houses to be placed one next to the other and have
them conceived and designed as a single structure .
Our office proposes two identical , mirrored dwellings , one for each family having in
common only a shared entry space and an indoor , at times outdoor room where music
can be played, recorded or listen to. The two families agreed upon relationship becomes
for us an architectural idea and an unique program to work for.

Two symmetrical and identical residential summer houses. The verticality of the two
inhabited structures facilititates the mirroing of their interior spaces as if they were part
of a single entity, the two halves of an open shell.
The symmetrical positioning of the pairs of living, study rooms, kitchens , bathrooms
and small outdoor patios create intimacy and visual tension that are both and at the
same time ambiguous and reassuring.
See through metallic exterior walls or an alternative timber exterior envelope act as a
screens that protect the house privacy if and when it is being observed from any outside
locations of the surrounding landscape. The use of natural light and interior artificial
lighting both celebrate the architectural transparency of the volume of the house while
the colors of the painted interior walls successfully contribute to further express the
original intent of the project.

The common elevated entry floor, common to both houses and the shared music room
become at times the agreed upon public spaces of the two otherwise separate homes.

Bridge Hampton Long Island NY USA
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