Plateau Beaubourg Arts Center

Roof  Plan  Plateau  Beaubourg  Art  Museum    Paris   1972

The building wants to resemble an elegant entertaining construction of metal and glass
committed to best host and promote the demanding , fast changing world of the performing
Each floor proposes a number of very innovative gallery spaces suggesting a direct
participation on the side of the visitors. A world of its own isolates in space and real time the
diversity of to day art forms.
Restaurants, dance theaters , exhibition spaces , meeting rooms and administrative areas. The
roof /park like acts as the entrance into the lower vast entry area of center for the Performing

In the District of Les Halles the proposed ‘ glass void ‘ stands as a direct counterpoint to the
City surrounding the historical cloistering of nineteenth century residential buildings.
The whole building and all of its parts inspire energy and call for attention.
And yet the imposing waved structural framing of the building is simple and present. The
long span solution for the roof and the internal floors allows an open organization of all
exhibition spaces and an open approach to the circulation for all visitors.
A green park is visible on the roof . It represent as an urban space the area of entry into the
building’s interior.
It is possible to believe that such an organizational idea will facilitate the cultural and practical
needs of the administration and the public at large.
The building itself , experiences and promotes an intense transparency of materials forcing
all visitors, from the outside and within , to witness the full diversity of all its internal daily

SS.Annunziata Square Florence Italy
Research Proposal
Scope of Services
Chief Designer
Construction Cost
Gross Floor Area
70,000 SF