Benito Restaurant

Wine Cellar  Detail     Benito Restaurant   Union  USA   1997

Continental Italian food. Three different dining rooms, wine Cellar dining room, Bar area
dining room and an exclusive Golden dining room for private parties.Garden and parking. Art work on the walls by Giuliano Fiorenzoli.
The programmatic concept is to design a restaurant with a series of small dining rooms with different character  that can be  used simultaneously by different clients and for different reasons. This organization of spaces has been quite successful.

Our atelier has also designed  and built several restaurants in the N.Y.C.
Some of them are  Bondi Café  Centovini  I  Trulli  Bar Pitti  Toscana Lievito and many others that due to the fast moving  culture in the profession have in time, been partially renovated, changed ownership and  finally closed.
The food industry in New York City has  a formidable presence. Restaurants can be found at every street corner and are both a necessity and a cultural , social phenomena. There is a  constant demand for new ideas , new ways to present food  or indirectly  educate the potential customers with new forms of aggregations  between  diverse culinary traditions.
The Design of a Restaurant in New York City represents a real challenge due to the presence  of very different  ethnicities  in the city that  offer to the general public  all kinds of foods and cultural imageries for their successful design.

Restaurants are used  as places where one can meet others , socialize, discuss business propositions or  simply rest both  mentally and physically for a limited period of time in between stressful  daily urban  actions . In  a sense, restaurants are civic institutions as well as  places of urban entertainment . They serve  in fact a public function in their almost capillary distribution  in the city grid  and  allow communities of various cultural background to express  their heritage or lifestyles  through  their production and presentation of food.

Union NJ  USA
Built Project
Scope of Services
Chief Designer
Construction Cost
$ 800,000
Gross Floor Area
3,500 SF