Image of the Home Drawings

Site    Silence  as  landscape  Fireworks   Drawing Colored pencils  USA  1984

"In a world which is increasingly processed , mobile and diverse , the struggle to define
a "physical place" becomes more and more elusive and yet essential to our physical and
mental being.
The Image of the Home drawings are the unanswered search for the grounding of a possible
reassuring ‘place’ or final refuge .The human head , as a metaphor , is presented to us, as the
ultimate archetype or the only architecture possible .

Through this personal investigation ,using drawings as tools, one rediscovers humanity, the idea
that man is not alone.
It is within this exploration of the archetype , that the connection between spirit ,body, and
built form merges in content.
The act of drawing offers to the mind new territories in which to investigate possibilities rarely
present in everyday practice of architecture and the profession at large.
Drawings refer to ideas of what can be .
This process retraces an experience, in my opinion, present in most of the significant buildings
conceived in the world. They not only take into account local programmatic and technical
circumstances but intentionally transcend them in an act of synthesis where an order of a higher
degree proceeds into architecture and back to us.

Drawings help us to defend a territory where the geometries of circle, squares, triangles or
others in various size and dimension are incorporated into a greater scheme affecting the quality
of our lives. This intent is essential to the work of the architect.
The drawings and the abstract ideas presented in them have one common aspiration: they are
investigations of the human psyche .They belong to the inner world of feelings.

Textures and details , colors , an unexplained evoked site, suggest through the presence of a
landscape a morphology of elements that refer to the main icon of the body, the human head.
The common theme of these drawings-compositions is to be found in the common source of
the human senses and their borrowed presence. Seeing ,hearing, taste and smell .

My personal experience seeks visual expression and manifests itself through the act of
drawing .Memory is the fluid and the conveyor .It is almost impossible to draw architecture
without the remembrance of having been there for even an obscure moment .

In this sense my drawings want to be first myself, my being.
The architecture of my presence in them is a repeated moment suspended in time.
Metaphors are invented to allow an abstract process of thinking to take place and visualize
Are these drawings architecture? I think so , in the same way Le Corbusier cubist paintings
are architecture because they gave form and substance to his architectural vocabulary.”

Architecture and the Body Rizzoli International USA 1988

New York City USA
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