Exhibition of Architectural Drawings

Site   Outdoor  Theater    Drawing  Colored  pencils  USA   1982

Exhibition of drawings on the subject of the ‘visual' in Architecture both as a craft and
a method of investigation.
The practicing of Architecture requires for those involved unique skills
that are deeply visual. I believe in fact that to think of architecture is equal of ‘seeing it’
with the eyes of the intellect.
To think of an idea of architecture, the tectonic of the physical configuration of space
is equal to the act of ‘ seeing it’ even if such vision last in your consciousness not even
for a fraction of a second. One finds intellectual pleasure in being able to retain such
vision or have it to return if asked for.
Drawings , most meaningful architectural handmade drawings as visual tools in their
making extend the duration of this vision to an end that defines them as timeless.
All those ideas of ‘places’ that cross our minds are timeless images caught in their
act of becoming drawings. Drawings constitute therefore an integral part of any
built building simply because the same cannot be conceived without an initial human
intervention of ideas and emotions.
Aware of this belief of mine , I let my mind dwell in the silence of the making.
In so doing I do not give an architectural form to an image , instead I let the image find
its way in a sort of existence that stretches itself next to my own.
From this angle drawings coincide with my inner being beyond program or specific
use or materials application. In a drawing , in architecture a double presence is to be
observed and witnessed , that one of the "place" we see and experience of and that one
of the mind with emotions in the process of conceived it’.

To think is to see, to see is to draw , to draw is to be , to seek and remember an already
visited and inhabited place.

New York City Soho 1981

Sperone Westwater  Gallery Soho   NY  USA
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