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Site    Remembering  an  Architecture that  never existed     Drawing  Colored Pencils   USA   1982

“My experience as an architect relays above all on my ability to envision ideas for
a ‘place’ through architectural drawings , with the autonomy , care and authenticity such a task
My drawings have explored, up to now , different media such as , ink applied with various
techniques , collages of photographs and finally colored pencils.
I find this visual exploration and physical activity essential to confirm my inner
appreciation for this discipline and craft. I should say, in fact that Architecture is simply the art
of construction .
In an early state of conception architecture exists as the place where my senses and intellect
dwell in the form of an abstract idea of space and time beyond the urbanity of our cities in
the evocative existence of timeless landscapes.

I was made to believe that drawings of architecture are as important and ‘real’ as the actual
built buildings .
This idea if applied, seems to be self evident when a built building reminds me of all drawings,
any type of drawing , used for its conception more than its construction.
The act of drawing in such an event ,is physically trapped in the envelope of the building ,
giving expression to its constructed organized form .
We say than that ‘ this is an intelligent building’ in the sense that the presence of the maker is
visible and felt throughout.

In a more theoretical scenario.
Architecture , should be defined as an activity of the mind free from pragmatic restrictions
in search mainly for those unfolding imageries that investigate the origin of the idea of
space itself and not the building to be later built.
Architecture in its early state of conception is mainly " image ", one that occupies space in
our subconscious at the very birth of a process that will or will not make possible for a structure
to be built.

In their abstract formulations architectural drawings exist as visions of the very activity
of the intellect itself. They point for a brief or long lasting moment to the illusion of
the existence of architecture , while confronting , with emotions , the uncertain physical
necessities of our body in space.

Drawings born from the images of our visual appetite , become the essential tools for
the success of any work in architecture. Once in existence they occupy and energize with
full authority , real physical space and not made visible , the organization of the so
called ‘program’ in a building.”

New York City Soho 1980

These observations of mine , might appear to be no longer relevant due to the overwhelming
impact computers have had in the profession . Due to the introduction of sophisticated soft
wares computers have provided , in fact , for the future to come alternative visual tools for
architecture to be conceived and controlled.
The compelling desire to produce " in real time” images through formally complex
geometries and configurations of programs and structures , seems to confirm a design
process that no longer can be anticipated in a single act of drawing .

New York City USA

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