Portable Information Kiosk Blimp

Inflated   Information  Balloons    Blimp  Prototype  Model  NYC  1982

Prototype. Multimedia  portable , multifunctional information kiosk to be installed and made to work in public large spaces such as markets, airports, outdoor squares, parks or similar.

The kiosk consists of three  main components:
a  The Base. Storage , equipment , communication , transportation.
b  The Brain of the vehicle with the programmed memory and sound track.
Projectors. Lifting cables.
c  Balloons

The upper balloons  to be inflated at various dimensions and pressure and left floating above people's visual horizon. The balloons once inflated will act as giant screens for still or moving images adding to the spaces in which  they are placed a sense of visual celebration  and innocent entertainment.
We were asked to conceive and design a prototype of a multimedia kiosk easy  to be carried and installed in a variety of physical indoor and outdoor locations. The kiosk had to be affordable and should only use conventional technology such a rear projections, the basic available computer programs and small monitors.
The visual impact is to be  achieved  by the floating illuminated balloons, out of reach, for the public easily visible even from considerable distances. The balloons playful and familiar to most will visualize  images,  information of any kind.

New York  NY  USA
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